Why use WordPress over any other Technology for building a website?

We get this question a lot. Let’s talk a few stats!

With so much happening using just one technology, it’s sure enough to get the love of Programmers who spend a huge amount of time making sure its structure stays intact, secure and most importantly – easy to use.

Basically, it is just awesomeness and we love & support WordPress in various ways!

  • 70% of the blogs on Internet are powered by WordPress 70% 70%
  • WordPress is powering 65% of all CMS websites 65% 65%
  • 27% of all the websites on the internet at present 27% 27%
  • Over 50% of the websites launched everyday run on WordPress 50% 50%

You think our love for WordPress is baseless. Well here are a few things why WordPress is our first love.

Powerful Features

Limitless possibilities

Not satisfied yet. Let’s find out who else us using WordPress for their showcase to the World


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Usain Bolt – World’s Faster Runner

Brian Smith – Photographer

The Bedford Hotels

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